Competition law


Competition law constitutes the area of law that deals with the state regulations of business activity that are aimed to support market competition at a reasonable level. Here we can distinguish the following

  • unfair competition (competition regulated by the state and prosecuted by the citizens -> i.e. the law on unfair competition)
  • the Act on Counteracting Monopolistic Practices (intervention by the state to prevent or eliminate monopolistic activities that interfere with free competition -> i.e. the law against restraints of competition or the block exemption regulation)
  •  Public aid law (controlling compe-tition via companies supported by the State -> AEU Agreement)

We provide you with advice not only proactively – to prevent you from infringing any competition regulations, but also in response to any infringements in relation to the above areas. This also applies to legal disputes not only with other entrepreneurs, but also with anti-trust authorities or the public administration.