Economic law


Economic law is the main area of your business, and as such it is of key importance as relates to your company and its economic grounds. Therefore, we recommend – with the emphasis greater than in case of any other area of law – to take adequately early advantage of the support of a legal adviser, as this may improve the condition of a business in the shortest possible time and will help to avoid the most pessimistic scenario, i.e. a ban on carrying out economic activity. Economic law is a bridge between the business activity and the regulatory obligations imposed by public law.

  • registration, deletion from register and registration of your company, including the related notifications and prohibitions
  • permits and licenses (acquisition, prohibition, re-acquisition), i.e. for real estate brokers or insurance agents, travel agencies, property developer, investment advisors, and others
  • compliance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities (supervisory duties, taxes, health and safety regulations, risk assessment)
  • (special) permits to work on weekends and public holidays, permit for supervised work