Tax law

Tax law is one of the key areas of law in our everyday life. Tax issues are involved in the majority of daily transactions. Therefore, it is crucial to draft agreements and establish processes in you company at the earliest possible stage and taking tax issues into account.

We define optimal tax consulting as the symbiosis of competencies of tax advisers and lawyers. This collaboration requires the understand-ing and the “feel” of tax law on the part of the lawyer, as one who does not recognise or comprehend the problem will not be able to solve it.

Tax law is a matter “appropriated” by tax advisers and registered auditors and at the same time is a matter too complex to be settled “by the way”. Therefore, we would never wish to avoid, whether in everyday lives or in matters related to labour law (i.e. how can I define the com-ponents of salaries so that, instead of regular gross remuneration, part of the salary is qualified as a tax-free benefit, which allows to save on social insurance contributions) or related commercial law (i.e. how can I recognise a loan from the shareholder/board member in the company’s finances so that the interest paid by the company for the capital provided by the shareholder can be deducted from the tax base of the company), the issues related to taxes, and wish to be the link that connects you to your tax adviser.

It is in your interest to cooperate with an adviser who will analyse all the elements against a wide back-ground.