Trademark law


The use of verbal, graphic, or verbal graphic trademarks identifies your company in terms of legal and business transactions and allows you to achieve a marketing effect. Therefore, the more important it is to protect your trademark against use by third parties. With us you have the opportunity to benefit from national, European and inter-national protection. We assist you in the process of pro-tecting and registering your trademark rights by

  • Exploring the possibility of the registration and prior existence of the rights
  • The concept of your brand as a verbal, graphic or verbal-graphic mark according to the Nice Classification
  • Implementation, up to and includ-ing the final step, of the procedure of applying for registration/reservation of the trademark – until the expiry of the time for appeal
  • Implementation of effective protection of the trademark, prosecution of infractions by preparing warnings containing a statement of abandonment under pain of penalties and/or preliminary injunction up to and including final conviction or issuing closing statement.

Please do not neglect to plan ahead the (marketing) use of your brand. Otherwise you might fall victim to “brand/domain hunters”