Company law

We advise not only on the establishment of companies, but especially on the ongoing operation proper in legal terms (i.e. regular assemblies/resolutions of the share-holders, observance of the require-ments stipulated in the articles of association and applicable under company law). We also provide advice on amending the articles of association/legal form of the busi-ness and other aspects including the dissolution of the company.

Taking into consideration your needs and tax standing the available options include not only the so far common legal forms of business, such as limited liability company (Ger. GmbH/Pol. Sp. z o.o.) or a so-called mini-company with limited liability – also referred to as a 1 EUR company (Ger. UG), limited partnership (Ger. KG/Pol. Sp.k., also as Ger. GmbH & Co. KG/Pol. Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.), general partnership (Ger. OHG/Pol. sp.j.), partnership (Ger. GbR or BGB-Gesellschaft/Pol. s.c.), but also more sophisticated entities, such as foundations, joint-stock companies (Ger. AG/Pol. SA – also in modi-fied forms, such as Ger. KGaA/Pol. Spółka komandytowo-akcyjna).

We advise on the selection of an appropriate legal form and structure for your business and the resulting form of the articles of associa-tion/statute. If a change is neces-sary, we assist in its implementation. We also provide advice on the proceedings related to the appoint-ment and dismissal of the Board Members or Management Boards, the implementation of a non-competition clause for employees, directors and shareholders, sale, transfer or redemption (forfeiture) of shares, company transformation (change of the legal form), mergers of several companies or a division of a company.