Almost everyone, at last once in their life, came into contact with infraction proceedings. This admin-istrative procedure – referred to as “little criminal law” – is the link that connects penalties (fines for plain violations of the law) and criminal law (punishment for serious offenses punishable by a fine, imprisonment and additional sanc-tions).

We will provide you with advice on the following issues in particular:

  • road traffic violations (traffic violations resulting in the “loss of points” in Flensburg, ban on driving vehicles, medical and psychological tests)
  • economic offenses (violation of the act of conducting catering busi-ness, travel agency, violating re-strictions on residence, illegal pros-titution, etc.)

Even though infractions are not punishable in legal sense, their effects in particular (i.e. a ban on economic activity, penalty points, etc.) often lead to inconvenient and noticeable limitations that make legal aid worthwhile.