Lease Law

Virtually every citizen is affected by broadly defined “Lease law”.

For us lease law is a particularly interesting area, because virtually all our clients are either lessees or lessors. Unfortunately, the frequency of lessee insolvency gradually increases. When a lessee is unable to pay its debts, the tenancy should be terminated and the premises left. Due to high costs, our consulting focuses initially and essentially on the following aspects:

  •  What are the costs on part of the owner – which course of action will be most beneficial?
  •  How long will the process take – will it be more reasonable in economical terms to discuss the issue with the lessee to find a mutually satisfying solution?

There are also cases when lessors wrongfully attempt to acquire unjustified payment from their lessees.

  • Has the extra cost allocation been drafted accurately?
  • Can the owner can raise the rent and has the rent been increased in the required manner?

If you rent a property, whether for housing purposes or for profit, you are faced with the following questions:

  • What periods of notice do I have to observe?
  •  What are the consequences of defects and what really constitutes a defect?
  •  How do I proceed if the leased area is not-compliant with the stipulation in the lease agreement?
  •  How do I proceed if the owner terminates the agreement on grounds of “its own needs”?

On the other hand, the lessor also faces a number of questions, i.e. Can an agreement with an “unwelcome” lessee be terminated?

  •  How many outstanding monthly rents do I have to accept before I can terminate the agreement?
  • In what manner and to what extent can I assign the costs of upgrading the property to the lessee?

Eull & Partner will assist you in all cases within this broad range of subjects as a competent partner, whether if it involves extra-judicial advice or initiating and conducting court proceedings, including the necessary coercive measures.