Labour law

If you are an employer or an employee, the applicable labour laws define an key part of your (professional) life, whether it is about signing an employment agreement, negotiating the conditions of work or terminating contractual relationship.

Our assistance begins with the execution of the agreement. We want “look to the future” with you, to discuss the key elements of an employment agreement, to support you in your negotiations and to define the adequate conditions and clear rules of future cooperation.

Your employment has just been terminated or you need to terminate the employment of an employee? If this is the case, we should thoroughly discuss the necessary next steps. The goal would be to discuss, as soon as possible, the actual and legal state of affairs, so that you are able to act and react based on reli-able knowledge. Not every termina-tion is effective, not every employer considers all the necessary aspects of termination and not every em-ployee can be accused of being at fault that would enable the termina-tion of the agreement.

Jointly we will be able to answer any questions that may arise, such as the following …

  • Has the employment relationship been terminated following the required procedure? Or: what proce-dure needs to be followed to properly terminate the employment?
  • Is it necessary to provide the grounds for termination? What is the result of not providing the grounds?
  • Has the period of notice been properly calculated? What happens if the employer has made a mistake in calculating the period of notice?
  • What dates should I follow? What is the final date for the employee to report at the Employment Office as a job seeker/unemployed person and what information should be provided by the employer in this regard?
  • I was fired – how does it affect me?
  • Has the work certificate been is-sued correctly, or can it be challenged?

Advice on labour law is not limited to conducting disputes related to labour law – it starts at an earlier stage and ends with settlement/judgment.