Criminal law; Criminal proceedings

We provide you with advice in all areas of criminal law. As our client you will have confidence that you are represented by competent and committed lawyers. This applies to all stages of criminal proceedings (pre-trial, intermediate and main proceedings).

We assist you in particular in the following

  • pretrial proceedings (verification of the grounds of the arrest warrant, dates of court hearings to determine the validity of detention, conditions of detention),
  •  intermediate proceedings (pre-paratory activities for the main proceedings) and
  • main proceedings (participation in the hearings, alternative investigations).

Prior to the proceedings we discuss with you the strategy, and consistently implement it during the pro-ceedings. We discussing not only the charge, but also the progress of the investigation and the possible consequences of a conviction. This gives allows you to decide, when the time is right, to find a common solution in cooperation with the court and the prosecutor or to change the strategy.