Commercial law

Are you a sales representative or a business owner? If so, commercial law sets out a variety of legal rela-tions that govern your daily profes-sional interactions.

The common issue for sales repre-sentatives – usually in the context of an agreement termination – is the question whether the business part-ner has complied with the terms of the agreement. In this regard, you are entitled to full disclosure of the information and possible compensa-tion claims pursuant to § 89b of the German Commercial Code (HGB). The preparation to the pursuit of those claims is a challenging and labour-intensive task, which we will take on with you.

Nevertheless, problems may also during the term of an agreement due to the conflicting nature of the interests of entrepreneurs and sales representatives i.e. in relation to the date of payment of the remunera-tion of the representative, consid-eration of bad debts in the calcula-tion of the commission and defining the requirements of the entrepreneur in relation to the area of operation of the representative and/or his or her duties.

Legal problems of entrepreneurs are of complex nature. Starting with contractual relations in terms of labour law, through to General Terms and Conditions (T&Cs), and drafting agreements with your busi-ness partners. In relation to the above, we offer comprehensive le-gal services and counselling, with a particular emphasis on the inclusion of your advisors and tax consultants into strategic consulting for your company, so as to maintain consis-tency between the processes and the drafted agreements.